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The Wild Collective group of women

The Wild Collective

Welcome to our first community health initiative for women of all ages, called The Wild Collective.

The Wild Collective Ottawa

Where were we taught to settle for health that is less-than-optimal?

Experiencing regular headaches.

Powering through joint or muscle pain.

Suffering with cramps.

Napping at 2pm under your desk (or wanting to).

Missing deadlines or working late into the evenings because brain fog is haunting us in the day.

Uncertain and left to search online about what your body is doing and trying to tell you.

Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND

My promise to you:

Host a safe and welcoming space to be seen and heard

Teach beyond the fundamentals of health

Share openly about what it takes to lead a balanced lifestyle in today’s world

Provide an accountability squad for you

Leave each session feeling uplifted and inspired

Jump in!

This is the sisterhood and health knowledge that you’re craving. You never know, your collective may need you in it just the same!

The Wild Collective has been the space for many women before you to rediscover the magic of their intuition, tune into their divine feminine energy, and return to their wild spirit. Find your wolf pack and run with it!

The Wild Collective diverse group of women
The Wild Collective Ottawa logo

What we discuss in detail in the Wild Collective gatherings:

  • Wind-down routine ideas, habits like mouth-taping, creating a sleep sanctuary, and crafting optimal melatonin synthesis conditions

  • Whole food, plant-based, protein-rich. And the WHY behind how antioxidants shield your thyroid from damage, how they protect against cancer and keep us looking and feeling youthful

  • We are not built or wired like men. We have monthly rhythms that are unique and just recently being understood. Each session, we focus on a different body system and dive deep on what we need to be paying attention to as we age, how we can support ourselves with respect to that body system.

  • carving out time is the hardest part. Find solidarity, motivation and accountability in this group. Join in-person classes as a bonus.

  • My favourite part. We discuss the ever-changing world of bio-hacking: what seems legit, what’s working for others, and how can we harness any ancient wisdom or new gadget to optimize our bodies for boundless energy and vitality.

  • Alone time is great, but nothing nurtures quite like a group of like-minded women who come together and share. This part doesn’t take any extra effort. Simply show up as you are with a hint of trust and the group takes care of the rest.

1-on-1 medical care, whether conventional or naturopathic/ holistic, is best suited to diagnosis. 

For example, if you are exhausted, it is important to rule out the following with blood work:

  • Nutrient deficiency: vitamin D, B12 and iron levels

  • Hormonal imbalance: low thyroid function and thyroiditis, cortisol alterations, fluctuations in sleep and mood due to perimenopause

  • Blood sugar maintenance and pre-diabetes screening: insulin, HbA1c, fasting blood sugar

Healthcare facilitated in a group is best suited to support you in implementing the lifestyle changes that get you to where you want to be.

Group of women hands together

This program was designed for you if:

You have a curiosity about your health that Google isn’t fulfilling. This wellness curriculum is the health class you’d wish you’d had as a teen, and more.

You thrive amongst supportive female mentors and friends. You want more sisterhood in your life. What woman doesn’t? You’re in the right place.

You want to transform your lifestyle to align with your purpose, vision, big dreams and passions. There’s nothing like a group that’s got your back to help you get there.

Women hands together

Change is challenging.
Growth is hard work.
You don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s Get Social!

Community is the cure. Connection is the medicine.

The goal is to offer a community medicine program on a range of topics related to women’s health, with a naturopathic lens for 3 purposes:

  1. to keep cost low by offering in a group (health education)

  2. to foster engaged, educated and empowered women

  3. for women to support each other in their health goals



with Adele Telvin. (Value $1500)

I want to be in a space where women learn from one another. 

How many opportunities do we have to share our health journey, and to witness that we are all experiencing similar challenges?


What if we could make it a little easier on ourselves as individuals by leaning on each other for answers, inspiration and support?


We are all meant to feel alive, full of vitality, energized, at ease in our minds and bodies, and at peace with how our lives are progressing and how we are choosing to live.

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