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Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND

Making sense of your symptoms is about to get a whole lot easier.

I’m Dr. Erin Kasparek, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor welcoming patients in person in the Ottawa area and virtually for Ontario residents.

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Natural Pregnancy Care
Women's Health Naturopathy
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Patients who get the best results from naturopathic medicine want to:

demystify their symptoms

understand their body

make informed decisions

create positive changes

And the strongest predictor of your ability to heal?


Your motivation to do so. 

I can help.

Whether you struggle with a chronic illness or are looking to unlock optimal health…

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Just a mini dose of tough love…

No amount of supplements or medications will work if your body is constantly stressed by eating garbage, staring all day at screens, never exercising, or living in a house with mold. These are just examples, but the point is that I work with highly motivated individuals who are willing to put in the work it takes to create a healthier and better life for themselves.

  • Depending on your health concern, I will order conventional lab tests or functional tests, such as a comprehensive hormone panel, specialized digestive panels, toxic exposure screening, nutrient and mineral levels, immune and inflammatory markers, or food sensitivity testing.

  • I have authority to prescribe natural desiccated thyroid hormone and bioidentical estrogens and progesterone. These natural hormone options can be game-changers for many patients working to optimize their fertility or ease through perimenopause and menopause.

  • Let food be thy medicine. You are what you eat. Food is fuel. Eat for heat. We have so many expressions that revolve around food, yet we struggle with choosing what, when and how much food we should put in our mouths.


    No single diet is right for everyone, so nutritional protocols are tailored on an individual basis. I can help to identify and address potential food sensitivities, implement and manage weight loss programs, as well as assist in identifying nutrient depletions and increased demand for specific nutrients in the body.

  • Even with the healthiest diet, it’s challenging to achieve optimal levels of all nutrients. Nutritional supplements can fill in the gap but also be used for more targeted support. From probiotics to fish oils to antioxidants, carefully chosen supplements can support optimal organ function, digestion, immunity, and more. 


    Nutritional supplements are a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine and powerfully therapeutic when chosen to target specific goals. I will ensure safe and effective dosing and check for any potential interactions with existing medications. Professional-grade supplements are available for purchase from a convenient online dispensary.

  • Whole plants and plant extracts may be used to support a wide range of health conditions. As opposed to pharmaceuticals, many of which are potent synthetic versions of plants, a whole herb contains numerous constituents that balance each other out leaving few side effects when administered in a safe dose. Although rooted in the past, the use of herbs as a medical modality remains relevant to modern medicine. I am extensively trained in herb-herb and herb-drug interactions to ensure appropriate herbal use. Forms in which herbs may be administered include capsules, tinctures, teas, powders, steam, and topicals.

  • Founded in Germany and currently used by physicians around the world, homeopathic remedies are gentle agents that act on the body energetically. Based on the principle “like treats like”, highly diluted substances trigger the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Homeopathic drainage is a specific form of homeopathy used to support detoxification. The advantage of homeopathic remedies is that they are safe to use during pregnancy, with children and they do not interact with pharmaceutical medications.

Therapies I Use

  • Also called Low-Dose Antigen (LDA) Therapy, LDI uses extremely low doses of mixtures of allergens to stimulate an immune response and reduce symptoms of allergies. This therapy can be helpful in calming allergic reactions and chronic inflammation due to foods, mold, chemicals, pollens, and more. 

  • Acupuncture has been practiced as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. This system sees the body as a dynamic whole, cycling through the day, the seasons and a lifetime all in a predictable course. By assessing an individual’s specific constitution using questioning as well as pulse and tongue diagnosis, I use acupuncture with herbs to address the disharmony. As a result, symptoms fade and a sense of wellbeing is restored. All needles are sterile, one-time use disposable and much finer than you might imagine.

  • The founders of natural medicine implemented very simple routines that they classified as Nature Cure: plenty of sunlight, fresh air, clean water and outdoor exercise. Elements of the physical world are essentially free. This does not diminish their therapeutic value and today they are lumped into the category of physical therapies.


    The following are specific physical tools that I use for healing:

    • Hydrotherapy: the use of water at varying temperatures to effect physiologic change

    • Gentle visceral manipulation for digestive concerns

    • Infrared sauna for detoxification and weight loss

    • Frequency specific microcurrent

    • Ionic foot baths

    • PEMF therapy

  • We all know that habits determine health. I provide guidance with respect to sleep routine, stress management, types of meditation, activity choices, environmental exposure assessment, natural products and more. Given the nature of a naturopathic appointment, I have the opportunity to discuss the best ways in which you can tweak your lifestyle habits for optimal health.

  • Nutrient injections allow us to deliver a high amount of nutrients directly to the body without worrying how much will be digested or absorbed. I offer injections of vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and folate to support energy, immunity, and wellness.

Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND
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Here’s where I’m different.

I often see patients in my practice who have tried natural or holistic medicine but still don’t feel their best. 


That does not mean that naturopathic medicine won’t work. 


Sometimes it’s because of a missed diagnosis. Sometimes natural medicines have not been given in a high enough dose to be therapeutic. Sometimes the therapies have been too gentle, too slow, or discontinued too soon. Sometimes key steps like detoxification or drainage have been overlooked. 


I am an impatient person and aim to get my patients feeling better fast. 


That’s why my approach is thorough and comprehensive. I have high expectations of my patients and love to watch them reap the benefits.

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Let’s put YOU in charge of your health!

I want you to be equally as aware and invested in your healthcare as I am. 


Together, we will work to:

Decode Your Labs

The body is like a puzzle! We will take a deep dive into understanding your labs to make sense of the source of your symptoms.

Remove Stressors

Whether they are physical or emotional stressors, we will work to identify and remove the toxic influences blocking your healing.

Understand the Cause

The best way to stay motivated to make positive changes in your life is to understand WHY you are making those changes.

Balance Natural & Conventional

I bring you a strong knowledge of the power and safety of natural medicines with the ability to help you navigate conventional care.

Choose Your Best Plan

I will meet you where you are, empower you with information, and guide you to choose strategies that suit your specific style.

Get Results Fast

Even though we will work to address deeper causes for your symptoms, my goal is always to give targeted treatments for fast results.

  • I see patients at 2 clinics in the Ottawa area: Somerset Health and Wellness Centre, and BioHeal Ottawa. Booking links and information about each clinic can be found here.

  • Yes! Virtual appointments are available to any patient residing in Ontario.

  • Holistic medicine is an approach to healthcare that is based on the understanding that an individual’s health needs do not fit into separate compartments; rather, all parts of the body work together while influenced by the mind and the environment. For example, mental stress can lead to physical exhaustion, frequent colds and back pain. Long-term anger is associated with increased risk of heart disease. When the liver and digestive organs are not doing their jobs effectively, the skin suffers. While it may be appropriate to treat each system separately, it is more effective to address the underlying cause of dysfunction, and then allow the rest of the pieces fall naturally back into balance.

  • Naturopathic medicine is a medical discipline that espouses holistic theory and uses natural methods of healing. Depending on your personal health care philosophy and needs, naturopathic medicine can be a primary method of health care or complementary to conventional medicine.


    Naturopathic medicine aims to identify the root cause of illness rather than masking the symptoms. By addressing the disruptive cause, the body is able to shift itself back into optimal health with the help of supportive therapies.


    Patients can expect a thorough assessment including a detailed history and a non-invasive physical exam, which leads to a naturopathic diagnosis. A detailed treatment plan is provided and progress is monitored periodically at follow-up appointments.


    It is the responsibility of the holistic naturopath to teach principles of preventative medicine and provide guidance to individuals on achieving the state of health that they desire. This fosters a dynamic partnership in the healing process.

  • Lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management all contribute to your healing. Even though we will be using targeted therapies to address your symptoms, diet and lifestyle cannot be ignored. We will work together to be sure dietary changes will work for your situation and style.

  • I have a license to prescribe natural desiccated thyroid hormone and bioidentical estrogens and progesterone. I do not prescribe testosterone. This license requires advanced training that not all naturopathic doctors have. I am also able to prescribe some high-dose nutrients, such as injectable vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and folate.

  • If you have had recent blood work, I would love to see previous relevant testing. Please bring them with you to your first appointment or have a digital copy sent to our clinic in advance. Not everyone needs further testing.

  • We ask that you complete your initial intake forms before your first appointment. There is nothing more you need to prepare. We set aside 90 minutes for your initial appointment. This appointment can be in person or virtual. Expect to leave with a strategy and treatment plan at the end of your initial visit.


Holistic Fertility Support

When you are ready to feel your best, I look forward to guiding you along the way.

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