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Level-Up on Your Vitamin D Stores

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Feeling flat. Fatigue.

Crusty mood.

Brutal PMS.

Worried about bone strength.

Riding the menopausal wave.

If this is you, vitamin D storage levels in your body need to be in your awareness.

Most people are familiar with vitamin D3 as an orally dosed vitamin, often taken in gel cap or liquid dropper form. It can also be delivered intramuscularly (in the large gluteus muscle, pain-free). I am now offering these to existing patients.

Vitamin D injections provide a large dose of vitamin D3 to the body through injection right into the muscle. Studies show that after injection, vitamin D3 levels in the blood rise over a period of weeks and then maintain that level for months.*

Vitamin D is actually a misnomer as vitamin D functions as a hormone within the body. The body can make its own vitamin D from direct sunlight, but in a place like Ottawa-Gatineau, therapeutic angles of sunlight AND time spent outdoors with exposed skin are lacking for a very large part of the year. This is why medical recommendations include sourcing additional vitamin D from supplementation.

We use Vitamin D3-Cholecalciferol in a clean, preservative-free form (in olive oil). This is the active form of Vitamin D; the body can use it right away!

Active vitamin D3 is required for the following:

  • Immune function

  • Brain Health – memory and focus

  • Healthy mood

  • Quality, deep, restorative sleep

  • Fertility outcomes

  • Bone health

  • Thyroid health

Who might benefit?

Vitamin D injections are helpful for people with low vitamin D levels who find taking pills to be inconvenient and difficult to keep up with. Vitamin D injections are also ideal for people with poor gut health, where intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins proves to be very difficult. In some cases, impaired liver and kidney function can also interefere with vitamin D conversion to its active, functional form.

How do I know if my D3 level is low?

In order to offer a vitamin D3 injection in a safe and medically informed manner, you Naturopathic Doctor will need a recent lab test (blood) to confirm low Vitamin D status.

If your medical doctor is unable or unwilling to run this test, Naturopathic Doctors (I) can provide you with a lab requisition to be checked at a standard local lab.



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