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Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND

Harness your body’s

incredible power to heal!

Most patients come to me feeling exhausted, bloated, sleep-deprived, and stressed.

If that’s you then stick with me here.

For anyone who has a chronic condition or vague concern that doesn’t fit a perfect diagnosis, it’s normal and common to…

See the family doctor and multiple specialists but still not understand what’s wrong

Search online or listen to health podcasts for ideas about supplements that might help

Test out dietary changes like gluten-free, dairy-free, or low FODMAP with limited success

Try natural therapies with holistic practitioners that only get mediocre results

Truth is—I even see plenty of patients with a missed or wrong diagnosis. 


The good news is that we can turn all of these things around when we do the work to put the pieces of your health puzzle together… 


…and it just might be easier than you think!

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Natural Pregnancy Care
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Conditions I Treat

Patients who work with me have been able to:

And the best part?


They come to understand what is going on with their bodies and choose therapies that feel most aligned and do-able for them.

Optimize their health for easy pregnancies and healthy babies

Break the afternoon nap habit and keep their energy high all day

Navigate perimenopause with ease—despite having a chronic condition

Ditch the embarrassing gas and forget they ever had digestive problems

Discover the cause of rashes or outbreaks and finally enjoy clear skin

Come out of the fog to experience mental clarity and focus

Women's Health Naturopathy

I’m Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND.

I help patients whose health status falls into the gray zone to understand what’s going on with their bodies and navigate both natural and conventional options—so they can finally unlock optimal wellness.

Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND

I believe that what patients really need is the tools to identify what’s damaging their health and the guidance to make sense of it all.

I knew when I discovered naturopathic medicine that I had found my perfect fit. 




Because naturopathic medicine leverages the body’s inherent capacity to heal—as long as we remove the stressors and provide the body with what it needs to be well. 


Good healthcare is like detective work to figure out what those stressors are and what the body is missing. This is not a one-sided conversation! I include my patients so they fully understand their lab results, treatment options, and expected outcomes. 


My goal is to help every patient confidently navigate both natural and conventional options in a dynamic progression through life.

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Toxic Stressors Hidden in Plain Sight

Grab the 10 Toxic Stressors Hidden in Plain Sight and discover simple ways to cleanse your body and your home—for renewed energy and better health!

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The Wild Collective is a space for women to become empowered in their health, to rediscover their intuition, and to connect with community.

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Get to the root cause by working directly with Erin through naturopathic consultations in person in the Ottawa area or online for any resident of Ontario.

Toxic Stressors Hidden in Plain Sight

10 Toxic Stressors Hidden in Plain Sight

Discover simple ways to cleanse your body and your home—for renewed energy and better health!


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